I am an educator and a visual manipulator. I have lived in Romania, the United Kingdom and I currently reside in Moscow, Russian Federation. Always interested in the place where I am at and dealing with what is around me. I teach Fine Art and I also work on personal projects. 


2014  -  Present  -  Senior lecturer Fine Art- British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, Russian Federation

2014  -  Founder and curator of DalgArt, Romania. International Residencies and collaborative practice, dialogue and art shows



2020  -  Double Bill, Silent Manifesto and The Present Occupier, installation and indoor exhibition by Valentin Boiangiu.

2019  -  Moscow Reporter  -  Episode 2, DalgArt, Romania

2019  -  Sputnikat, Moscow

2018  -  Jamais Vu, Mais Non-Avant-Garde, DalgArt, Romania

2018  -  Drawing Dialogue, Phase 2 Katerini, (curated by Gabriela Boiangiu), Greece

2018  -  My Soviet Union, Magnesite Museum, Satka, Russia

2017  -  Moscow Reporter – Episode 1, DalgArt, Romania, with Gabriela Boiangiu, co-curator

2016  -  Retrospect, K35 Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016  -  Drawing Dialogue, Phase 1 DalgArt, (curated by Gabriela Boiangiu), Romania, UK

2016  -  Pushpin Pushpin Museum Museum, Zverevsky Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow, organiser and co-curator, Russia

2015  -  Pushpin, Moscow, organiser and co-curator, Russia

2015  -  DalgArt, A Big Improvement, with Abstract Structures, Romania

2013  -  Yorkshire Sculpture Square, Leeds Underground System, UK

2012  -  BE’REET, White Cloth Photography Gallery, Leeds, UK

2010  -  Structures, South Square Gallery, Bradford, UK

2007-2008  -  HomeAcasa Project, co-organiser and co-curator - Dean Clough Halifax, Leeds City Gallery, HT003 Gallery Bucharest, Museum of   Art Craiova, Centenary Square Bradford (in collaboration with Gabriela Boiangiu).

2008  -  ESA Salon, Leeds, UK

2005  -  HomeAcasa Project, Illuminate Festival, Bradford, UK

2004  -  Landscapes, White Wall Gallery, Leeds, UK

2003  -  Illustrations from UK, Gallery 2, Craiova, Romania, UK

2002  -  Forever!Works, South Square Gallery, Bradford, UK (Featuring Gabriela Boiangiu)

2001  -  To Be Confirmed..., Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, UK

1999  -  Drawing Performance, ICA, London, UK

1997  -  Ikons- Bolton Royd Gallery, Bradford, UK

1995  -  Works2, Todmorden, UK

1994  -  Works1, Vollard Gallery, Craiova, Romania